Police Offer Rs.500 To Hungry Man Who Stole Rs.20 From Temple Hundi


Police offer Rs 500 to hungry man who stole Rs 20 from temple.

The man, who is from Monippally, had achieved Thodupuzha for security work force’s activity. Yet, few days back he lost the Job.

As he has no alternative to discover cash to drink some tea, he took cash from the hundi. He took the cash with the conviction that the God will pardon him.

At the point when police caught him, he disclosed to them that he was excessively ravenous and took cash, making it impossible to have some food. After realising that his statement is genuine, the police gave Rs 500 to him and released him from custody.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning at 5.30. The committee members called the police after aficionados discovered him taking cash from the offering vessel.


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