Authorities Wait For Code Orange, Warnings Issued To Residents


Precautionary messages for public in light of the possibility of water release from Idukki Reservoir via Cheruthoni Dam Shutters – issued in public interest by Kerala State Disaster Management Authority.

  1. People in those areas that were flood affected when Idamalayar Dam was opened in 2013 should particularly give special attention to these directions

2. Do Not Panic and Do Not Spread Fake Messages

3. Travelling to Vazhathopp, Mariyapuram, Kanjikkuzhi, Vatthikudy and Konnathadi panchayaths of Idukki as tourists to witness the shutter operations may be avoided. Media will telecast the event and people can watch it in Televisions.

4. Do not crowd over small bridges and along the river banks to witness the water release

5.Avoid Selfies by standing on bridges and along the river banks in the background of the released flood water

6. Avoid bathing, swimming, washing and playing in the river

7. Prepare an emergency kit with the following items

  • Torch
  • Radio
  • 500 ml water
  • one packet of ORS
  • Necessary medicine
  • Antiseptic Ointment
  • One small bottle Detol, savlon etc
  • 100 grams of Groundnuts
  • 100 grams of dried grapes or dates
  • A knife
  • 10 chlorine tablets for purifying water
  • One battery bank or necessary batteries to power the torch
  • Fully charged simple feature mobile phone with call balance
  • Necessary money

8. Ensure that all certificates and valuable jewelry are packed in plastic containers or bags and stored at a height

9. Communicate all information that you receive from official sources to every one in the house. If you are not in the house, the family should be advised to listen to official directives and move to safe locations without waiting for you.

10. Follow the following radio stations of All India Radio and Dooradashan.

1. Trivandrum MW (AM Channel): 1161 kHz
2. Alappuzha MW (AM Channel): 576 kHz
3. Thrissur MW (AM Channel): 630 kHz
4. Calicut MW (AM Channel): 684 kHz

11. If necessary, Panchayath or Village Officials will direct you to move to identified safe locations. Comply with the directions of the officials. Do not hesitate to seek help

12. In order to avoid electrocution, switch off the electical main switch if flood waters enter your building

Telephone Numbers of District Emergency Operations Centers
Ernakulam – 0484-1077 (Mob: 7902200300, 7902200400)
Idukki – 04862-1077 (Mob: 9061566111, 9383463036)
Thrissur – 0487-1077, 2362424 (Mob: 9447074424)

13. Keep the mobile numbers of your local panchayath or Local Self Government People’s Representative

14. Give special care to old aged, bed ridden, people with illness, people with different abilities and children. If there are those with illness, bed ridden or people with different abilities in your house who needs special attention to evacuate, please inform the nearest police station.

15. Keep all electric and electronic gadgets at a height to avoid inundation

16. Animals can swim. So if you cannot secure your animal in times of floods, please let them loose. They will swim to safety.

17. Park vehicles in a height such that they are not marooned.

18. Those living in flats shall ensure that their cars are not parked in low lying cellars.

19. Only those who are trained in relief, response and rescue, when requested by District Administration, shall proceed to flood affected areas. Do not attempt to visit flood affected areas as tourists.

20. We shall overcome this difficult times if we act responsibly.

Pic Courtesy : Aravind Balachandran

Issued by Kerala State Disaster Management Authority


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