Thodupuzha – The Satellite City Of Kochi


Thodupuzha is the largest, developing town municipality in the Idukki district. The beauty of the town comes from the fact that it is situated among hilly terrains and on the banks of a river.
Legend has it that the name “Thodupuzha” was derived from two words “thodu” which means touch in Malayalam and “puzha” which means river. This place also has histories spanning many centuries. The city is prominent as it is a place where people respect one another and there is perfect coordination & communal harmony among all groups.

The inhabitants believe in sustainable development which is why Thodupuzha is becoming an emerging commercial centre while also preserving its green beauty. Through hard work & sheer optimism, they have converted the hilly terrains into plantations of cardamom, tea, coffee, cocoa, pepper & rubber. People here are quite warm and welcoming too. As you meet them, there’s a good chance a conversation starts and before long, you can feel you are no longer a stranger in town. Should you need any assistance with anything, be prepared to be extended with many helping hands. A hundred welcomes! It may seem too much, but that’s what makes it charming tourist attraction.

History presents itself everywhere: Once a part of the Travancore kingdom, Karicodu in Thodupuzha still has the relics of a fort that kings like Marthandavarma stayed for several years. There is the Annamalai Temple, which bears the remains of 1the 14th century in the form of many outstanding statues & lamps, intricately carved from both metals & stone.
Tourist Spots in Thodupuzha

If you are a nature lover, you can never get enough! Thodupuzha can just win you over at the very first sight with the scenic beauty of its lush green, forested hillocks that encircle its majestic landscapes. It is an evergreen destination with a number of places yet to be explored. Take a walk through the scenic green trail in the countryside or challenge yourself with some adventurous hill climbing in the famous Thommankuttu waterfalls. If that doesn’t satisfy you enough, take a trek across “Ilaveezhapoonchira” a small hill station 3200 feet above sea level.


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