The Best Time to Visit Kerala, India

best time to visit kerala

Kerala is one of the finest places to visit in India. The land is known as God’s Own Country and yes, it is indeed such a worthy place. With mountains, hills, beaches, forests, backwaters, and a variety of major attractions and adventures, Kerala has got its own warmth and beauty. Kerala is not just a place for nature lovers and photographers, but also a sought-out destination for adventure seekers. Apart from the natural beauty and exciting sights, Kerala is just amazing for its weather. The climate in Kerala is always great and visiting the place during the peak season is something which will give you a great time and experience.

Major Attractions in Kerala

Kerala is not one thing, but a thousand beautiful things which can never bore you. The widespread green lands of coffee, tea and rubber plantations in Munnar, the snow-capped mountains and misty hills, the golden sand beaches, and valleys, the calm and serene lakes – it is all and everything; a complete treat in Kerala. Alleppey backwaters, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, museums, Kerala is never out of the league. The land is also culturally rich and has a rich heritage to showcase. With amazing and stunning rituals and art forms, one should never miss out on visiting God’s Own Country.

The Best Time to Visit Kerala

Visiting during the peak time not only offers you wonderful sights and visits but also unforgettable adventures. September to April is the best time to visit Kerala as the weather will be calm and cool. It won’t be slippery like the monsoon season, offering a smooth and great trekking, hiking and other adventures. The climate in Kerala from September to April will keep you chilled out and won’t tire you. The land will be fresh after the retrieval of monsoon and will be all set to welcome the guests. Getaways, honeymoon, vacations, business trips – be it anything and Kerala will give you the most memorable times of your lives.

Visiting Kerala during the monsoon lets you watch the land get wet and greener but the adventure activities might get hurdled. The rocks and land get slippery during the rainy season and it is risky too. 

Summers in Kerala are moderate but sometimes it can get a bother your trip, after all, getaways are best during the cool weather.

If you are looking for a perfect getaway, Kerala is going to give you a complete treat. Visiting Munnar can give you an experience of a lifetime.  The place has not only got green plantations but also mountains, hills, and many adventures. Alleppey backwaters and Varkala beach will calm your soul and mind. The cultural rich Palakkad, and Trivandrum will take you through the trails of Kerala. The metropolitan city, Kochi, will give you a great city experience and also a touch of culture and tradition. Visiting Calicut, Wayanad or Kozhikode will be a decision you won’t regret because it is where you will get mouth-watering dishes which you are going to crave for, over and over again. I’m short, Kerala is just an undeniable treat.


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